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The Takeover

The "Takeover" is a unique show to Red Kite Radio. We offer the chance for members of the public to literally Take Over the studio for two hours, so anyone can run the show and tell their story. The slot is open to any local group, organisation, charity, team or band. They can choose the tracks they want to play and let everyone enjoy their choice of music.
The show has now moved to a Monthly slot, being broadcast on the first Saturday of each month. This gives the presenters involved much more time to get prepared for taking over the studio and planning their show.

Shows to come

The show is currently on hold for now, due to lack of participation. We hope to begin again in 2019.
Check the SCHEDULE to see when the takeover show appears.



We've had many local groups, organisations and bands take over the studio so far, here's just a few.

On the 6th of January, the Thame Speakers Club took over the Red Kite Airwaves, telling us all about how they help members learn to overcome their fears about public speaking and the advice and exercises they employ.

In the beginning of February, our very own resident Poet Davy D took over the show and told us about his inspirations for his Poetic output. He also showed off his talent with some of the best poetry out there.

5th May: 14 year old Will from Haddenham and his friend Jake from Thame took over our airwaves to tell us about life at Lord Williams's school and going for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.


In September we had Stuart "The Wildman" Mabbutt tell us all about the nature that surrounds us and what to look out for when we're out there in the wilds of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. He told us how he uses the sounds of nature to relax and heal. Stuart will be with us again soon to tell us about Nature during Winter.
Stuart was soon followed by David Lindsey of the Thame Tyrefighters. A local weight loss group. David told us how he recognised the lifestyle he was enjoying was leading him to a poor health and how he found a simple and inexpensive way to help loose weight and keep it off. He now runs local FREE advice sessions in association with his doctors surgery for anyone wanting to learn how to lose their spare TYRE. Hence Tyre Fighters. Following David was local tribute band SLEDGHAMMER, who gave us a great show and played some of their recordings. We hope they'll come back soon and give us another show. At the end of September, the ladies from the Blue Cross in Lewknor came in to the studio and told us all about the centre there and how it's run, together with who looks after the animals and how they're rehomed.

In October, the local, and probably the most lauded tribute band honoured us with a takeover. Hats off to Led Zeppelin took over the Red Kite airwaves and told us all about how the band was formed, played us some of their concert performances and gave us quite a bit of trivia on the original Led Zeppelin band. We followed this with a fasinating insight into the Chinnor Windmill from Adrian Marshall. Adrian gave us the history of the mill, when it was demolished and when reconstruction was started. David from the Tyrefighters came in once again to re-present his previous show which was cut short due to technical difficulties on the day, well a power cut is a technical difficulty is it not?

On the 4th of November we had Thame Players, telling us all about the theatre, how they work and what they plan to perform in the near future. Thame Concert Band took over on the 18th of November, and local band"Public Service Announcement" took over on the 4th December.

On Saturday 16th December we had a Christmas Special Takeover show from Haddenham St Mary's School. Lots of Christmas songs, jokes and more from the children.

If you'd like to be involved and TAKE OVER the Red Kite Radio airwaves for two hours, why not get in touch:-
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Contact Form, we'd love to hear your story and so would the community.

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